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Our Main Services

Marketing Planning

If you are wondering why your sales rate is low and need to
raise your sales and increase your business profit, Well, we have the solution! Our analysts will study your business and make a professional marketing plan with a low budget which will rise your sales increase your ROI and put your business on the right

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Brand Your Business With Us

we will make full branding for your business and make an identity for you.

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Drive Success With Us

We offer all aspects of marketing including Branding, SEO, social media, blogging content development, Production & Advertising, Media Buying, and email campaigns....etc.

Business Development

Our Business Development

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Business Setup in Dubai

Establishing a business in Dubai involves distinguishing between mainland companies, free zones and offshore, and then determining the type of license based on the type of activity and service you wish to provide and preparing legal documents to start the procedures of establishing the company and residence. WIS will take care all your burdens to finish the process.

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Strategic Planning

Business planning is not an easy task as the basic strategic requirements may vary and be distinctive on a case to case basis.We will make a professional and effective strategic plan for your business to make it successful and reach its goals

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Golden Visa

Get the 10-Year UAE Permanent Resident Visa for you and your family (Automatically Renewed) and Be one of over 50,000 residents in Dubai who have received the Golden Visa since the launch of the long-term residency visa scheme in Dubai.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

“The whole world will be digital so we know well how social media is important nowadays in the market.
We provide all online advertising and media buying services you need to grow up”

Social Media Management

Social media platforms have been around for a while, and because of this, we, as a social media management agency have been able to see how we can use these platforms to reach your target audience by doing:

-Moderation -Content Creation -Graphic Design -Posts -Analytics

We serve as valuable partners when it comes to social media management because we provide the necessary skills and knowledge that a business might not have access to. We can help them create content, measure success metrics, and help them get themost out of this social media platform

Online Advertising

1. Facebook Ads 2. Google Ads (SEM) 3. Instagram Ads 4. TikTok Ads 5. Youtube Ads 6. Linkedin Ads
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Online Advertising

“Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing that you increase your client base channels, we are an email marketing agency that helps

Influencers Marketing

“Launch your business with our powerful influencer marketing We help you find influencers to promote your brand and drive engagement”

Seo & web Development

“SEO and web development are merging. Get the “SEO and web development are merging. Get the benefits of both worlds –
SEO-friendly sites with rich benefits of both worlds -SEO-friendly sites with rich content to help your site rank better and rich your
content to help your site rank better and rich your potential clients faster.

Our Media & Advertising Services

Types Of Outdoor Advertising :
Billboards & Led Screens : You might think a billboard advertisement is an old school, but they’re more like a perfect tuxedo. They never go out of style .
Billboards give your brand:

| Peak visibility | A can’t-miss canvas | Widespread audience

appeal | Unlimited location options | Opportunities for adaptability

_Bus benches : Buses don’t just transport your customers where they want to go-they can also transport your brand to wherever your customers are. a moving bus allows you to reach customers across the city, inevitably catching the attention of tourists and locals pedestrians and drivers-and of course, regular commuters. With so many options to choose from.
bus advertising is one of the most versatile types of OOH media
available today. It’s time to move your brand in the right direction.
Buses Advertising gives your brand:

| Reach new audiences | Meet customers where they are

Create versatile | scalable strategies | Take over the market

TV COMMERCIALS: It tells people about something, like
a product or a service and it also works to make people

want to buy the product or service. WIS helps brands needs
to be smart in how they plan, produce, position, and promote
their video content if they want to see any returns.

Also, we help you place your ads in front of your target
audiences at the right time & place through strong planning.
Our responsibility is to provide you with the best media plans

along with pricing which meets your objectives.

Lets Work Together & Make a Better

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